Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

May 8, 2020

Amplifier’s board of directors is currently reevaluating its mission and programs based on our experiences in Flint, Michigan; Newburgh, New York; and Callicoon, New York.

As of 2018, Flint Public Art Project, established as an organization by Amplifier inc., became its own independent nonprofit with its own Flint-based board of directors, receiving IRS 501c3 tax-exemption in 2019. We have been excited to follow this new phase of the organization as it evolves under local leadership.

We expect to provide an update soon about the future direction of Amplifier after a period of reflection on how we can most effectively advocate for better outcomes for underrepresented groups and small and medium-size cities and produce work that has the potential to transform conditions, locally, nationally, and international, for people and for global ecosystems. Until then, we are grateful for your support.

Stephen Zacks


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