Mobilizing Media and Conceptual Frameworks for Emerging Challenges of Communication and Governance

After five months of weekly discussions among its board members and invited colleagues, Amplifier has adopted a new mission responding to emerging challenges of media and government as disinformation and a crisis of public confidence, corruption of political processes, and regulatory capture have led to institutional failure and collapse of local and global social and natural ecosystems .

In the coming months, Amplifier will propose a series of initiatives that aim to use emerging ideas, media, design, and aesthetic strategies to raise the visibility of alternative political and economic frameworks, and advance institutional transformation. After years of working at the grassroots level producing small-scale interventions in conditions of severe social and economic neglect, the nonprofit intends to shift its focus to influencing public policy and promoting existing tools and methods to improve local and global governance.

Areas of particular emphasis will be advancement of alternate forms of media production and economic policymaking for social equity, ecological design, and well-being. We believe that the global pandemic, rise of neo-fascism, and climate crisis are global consciousness-changing events that call for an essential shift in institutions.

Stephen Zacks, President; James Andrews, Vice President; William Rockwell, Treasurer; Alfonso Ramos, Secretary